animated series

FAST is a global initiative to raise awareness on the symptoms of strokes and how acting quickly can save countless lives.

FAST started as a brand film, but branched out into several shorts we are proud to have produced.

FAST stands for face, arms, speech and time. It’s an acronym that represents the major indicators of a stroke. Our job was to create a heartfelt narrative that communicates this idea to a young audience. If they are aware of the symptoms they can act FAST in order to assist their grandparents in the event of a stroke.

This campaign has been launched across the globe and not only comprises video, but digital and print content too. We were responsible for all things creative and animation.

The FAST message has found its way into schools around the world, through a collection of informative videos and folders filled with fun, educational activities.

The campaign has been a raging success, reaching hundreds of thousands of children in thousands of schools around the world. Real world stories of lives being saved have trickled in across the world, attributed primarily to the lessons contained in our work.