GAME Trailer

Terra Nil is a refreshing take on the city-building genre, where players convert a barren wasteland into a lush and thriving ecosystem.

A WORLD CHANGING was our concept behind this launch trailer for Free Lives.

Our aim was to transport the player from the top down gameplay and invite them to experience their changes from the ground.

Off the back of a challenging, but satisfying brief, Terra Nil came in like a Ghibli inspired breath of fresh air. One we were eager to start and work with the incredibly talented individuals at Free Lives.

The trailer is a linear journey where the viewer becomes familiar with the key buildings they will need in the first level and beyond.

We introduce some of the core gameplay mechanics, some of which appear destructive at first but are revealed as a necessary part of the environment's life cycle.

Join us on a relaxing look at a future harnessing the power of technology to reverse the effects of man.